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  • Feb
    Customized Scissor Lift Table

    Our client Wisit from Tailand has a parts processing plant. He wants to find a scissor lift for the production line.After visit our website,he chose the U type pallet scissor lift.According to his requirement,I recommended our standard model UL1000.Now Wisit has reveived the scissor lift.He is very

  • Feb
    Self Propelled Mini Scissor Lift

    Self propelled Mini Scissor Lift is developed from mobile mini scissor lift. Operators can control moving, turning, lifting and lowering standing on the platform. It’s very compact and portable. Lifting height: 3m~4m. Load capacity: 300kg

  • Feb
    Installation instructions for guide rail cargo lift

    The single guide rail cargo lift mainly consists of a guide rail, hydraulic cylinder, the lifting chains, the cylinder frame, the cylinder base, the platform and pump station system. Its lifting structure is similar with the forklift. The installation steps are briefly introduced as below.

  • Feb
    Cautions for maintenance of lead-acid batteries

    1. Add distilled water regularly to prevent drying up.2. Avoid charging with heavy current as far as possible. If charging with heavy current, make sure that the exhaust holes on the cover of the water are unblocked

  • Feb
    SAGAFIRST Aluminum Work Platform Available Opitions

    SAGAFIRST Aluminum Work Platform Available OpitionsSingle Mast Aluminum Work Platform : Available with 6m,8m,10m height,100kg loading capacity,AC power,DC power,AC&DC power...

  • Feb
    Functions of Hydraulic Articulating Boom Lift

    With the continuous improvement of life, more and more people use Hydraulic Articulating Boom Lift,which also brings great convenience to users.1. The Hydraulic Articulating Boom Lift has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient use,large operation and 360 degree free rotation.2. The Hydr

  • Feb
    Common problems and methods for using scissor lifts

    When you use the lifting platform, due to the negligence of administrators or improper maintenance,there will happend minor failures,such as platform can not be lifted,or other similar problems.Here we will teach you how to solve them.

  • Jan
    8m-12m High-end self propelled Hydraulic mobile scissor lift

    High-end self propelled hydraulic mobile scissor lift is our hot sale type.Its main parts use the world famous brand.Lifting height from 8m-12m ,the load capacity is 300kg,the platform has extend parts as well,the load capacity is 150kg.Can be used indoor and outdoor both.Welcome your inquiry!

  • Jan
    600kg Heavy Duty Vaccum Glass Lifter

    specially design for handling different kinds of heavy plate, board and glass, useful for installing steel board, glass wall, moving such as granite, marble. Easily handle lifting, moving and rotating with vacuum suction caps and powerful drive system.

  • Jan
    Chile Order for the 2 Horse Straight Loading Horse Trailers

    Horse Trailer is mainly used to transport horse from one place to another. In fact, it belongs to one kind of trailer. It is towed by car ,truck or tractors. Horse trailers are widely used in each pasture.

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