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Why Are Our Towable Boom Lift So Popular with Our Customers

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Towable Boom Lift is one of the most ideal aerial lift platform for both indoors and outdoors maintenance work. The Boom Lift can rotate 360 degree in the air and platform height is from 8m to 16m. Towable Boom Lift is driven by Diesel,or Battery or confused Power.It is widely used in neighborhood unit, road light maintenance, factories high place maintenance, construction site and so on.

It has 8 advantages as bellow:

  • 1.Use powder spraying instead of paint spray, so the boom lift will looks much better and also good in anti corrosion.

  • 2.Add tail lights, small lights on supporting legs, LED light on platform, easier for night work

  • 3.Add fall protection safety harness for the operator, safety always first;

  • 4.For DC type, use Bucher brand pump station(famous Swiss brand);

  • 5.For gasoline type, use HONDA brand gasoline engine(famous Japanese brand);

  • 6.Newly waterprooft design, to protect the lift parts(mainly pump station/engine) from water, more convenient for rainy day work and transport (starting from July 2018).

  • 7.Newly update to change all the seal rings from O ring to ED ring, with better quality also better sealing (starting from August 2018).

  • 8.Adopt German ALKO retractor with high quality.

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