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Precautions of Mobile Scissor Lift

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8m 500kg Electric Mobile Scissor Lifting Platform

1. Before using the mobile lifting platform, the vehicle must be parked on the flat road, and be careful not to park on the slope.

2. When abnormal noise or movement occurs, the lifts shall be stopped immediately. The designated after-sales service company shall contact and request inspection.

3. Before each use, the elevator must be pre-checked, such as whether the fixed bolt (mother) has loosened. If found unsafe, please do not use the elevator, should be repaired.

4. If the wheels of the elevator platform or wheelchair are wet, the braking force of the wheelchair is not large. Therefore, special care should be taken in this case.

5. Before using wheelchair elevator, the vehicle engine must be turned off and the brake brake must be pulled properly.

6. Be careful not to exceed the rated load of the elevator when using.

7. During the lifting process of the elevator platform, the wheelchair car should pull on the brake (the electric wheelchair should cut off the power supply and pull on the brake).

8. Keep the elevator level clean

9. In the process of lifting or descending, please do not go up or down the platform. When the lifts are not in use, the open platform must be folded in accordance with the regulations so that the vehicles can start.

10. Children or others are not allowed to play with the elevator. It is dangerous to do so.

11. Do not put your arms and legs in the range of motion of the elevator, which will cause unnecessary harm to you.

12. The front baffle must be placed vertically during the rising or descending of the platform, and placed in the vertical slot to the bottom. It is not allowed to start the platform up or down before the front gear is not placed vertically.

13. When someone is on the platform, no one is allowed to press the "enter" button of the control switch.

The above is an introduction to the relevant precautions of the mobile lifting platform. Users should understand the above safety specifications in detail so as to avoid unnecessary losses in the use process.

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