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Instructions For Operation Of The Electric Order Picker

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Electric Order Picker is the best equipment for materials picking and handling.It is widely used on plane and level floors.Easy moving and poperating.Lift or fall steadily.Safe and reliable.Suitable for order picking application in distribution warehouse.

How to use the order picker?When customers purchase our order picker,please use the order picker follow our instruction.

Below are some instruction for using the electric order picker:

1.Charging the battery before you use it。After charging up the battery, please cut off the power,

then unplug it.

2.Lift the platform to its top position to check that there is enough hydraulic oil in the system.

Refill if necessary with YA-N32 or a similar oil.

3.Turn the key and switch on, the display indicator shows. Choose the mode of rising, control the

height by Joy-stick.

4.Change the mode to walk. Also can be controlled by Joy-stick, the "rabbit" pattern indicates

speed up, the "tortoise" pattern indicates speed down.

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