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Instruction of properly operating for scissor lift table

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Instruction of properly operating for scissor lift table

CAUTION! If operating the lift table improperly, a person may be injured. Therefore, operate properly according to the following instruction.

◇ The lift table is a movable lifter designed to lift or lower rated load. Do not use it for other purpose.

◇ Do not allow a person to operate the lift table, who does not understand its operation.

◇ It is forbidden to change the lift table without manufacturer’s written admission.

◇ It is necessary to use the spare parts designated by manufacturer.

◇ Make sure to keep a distance between the table and ambient objects enough to operate the lift table safely.

◇ Keep the hydraulic system under clean and safe condition.

◇ The hydraulic power pack features an electric lowering control. The coils must be fed with the required voltage as described on those coils. The power supply voltage should not exceed ±10% of the rated required voltage.

◇ Always do maintenance and routine check while the lift table is unloaded.

◇ The lift table is not waterproof and should be used in a dry environment.

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