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Hydraulic loading bridge and lifting platform

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Hydraulic loading bridge is a common auxiliary loading and unloading equipment for forklift trucks. This equipment can be used for handling of logistics materials,with the following advantages.

Firstly, the high-strength U-shaped steel is designed for the skeleton, which can be maintained for a long time without deformation under the condition of high load.

Secondly, anti-skid pattern steel plate is used on the platform of hydraulic loading bridge to increase the friction of forklift truck climbing and improve work efficiency, and anti-rolling skirt plate can be added as needed.

Thirdly, avoid people accidentally inserting their feet into the loading bridge, and accidents occur when they fall. Buffer bars are installed on the platform to reduce the damage of hydraulic loading bridges and buildings.

Hydraulic loading bridge meets the requirements of cargo handling in many aspects such as firmness, durability, stability, load, convenience, flexibility and efficiency. And the latter does not need how to maintain, durable use of enterprises to provide huge benefits.

Relatively speaking, lifting platform is also an indispensable handling equipment for cargo handling between floors of factory buildings. Hydraulic lifts, also known as lifting platforms, are used for transporting goods between floors of buildings. Products are mainly transported up and down between various working floors; automobile lifting between three-dimensional garage and underground garage floors. Operating buttons can be set on all floors and workbenches to achieve multi-point control. The product has strong structure, large load capacity, stable lifting, simple installation and maintenance. It provides strong support for the long-term cargo handling of enterprises.

Whether it is hydraulic loading bridge or lifting platform, it has made tremendous contributions in helping enterprises to transport goods at different levels. Pay attention to daily maintenance, maintenance work can extend the service life of equipment, create greater value for enterprises!

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