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How To Use The Mobile Scissor Lift Platform And Precautions

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How To Use The Mobile Scissor Lift Platform And Precautions

Mobile Scissor Lift platform is famous for its simple structure, low failure rate, heavy duty capacity and cheap price.

Mobile Scissor Lift Platform is moved by man manually or towed by tractor or can. And lifts by different power,such as AC, DC, AC and DC, Diesel. 

Below are some usage and precautions of how to use the mobile scissor lift platform:

  • 1. The grounding work should be done well, and it is easy to leak electricity in a humid environment.

  • 2. Do not work outdoors in rainy weather to prevent the appliance from getting wet and there are potential safety hazards.

  • 3. It is strictly forbidden to use in the case of lightning-intensive conditions to prevent equipment from being struck by lightning and causing safety accidents.

  • 4. When the lifting platform is in use, the work surface should be kept horizontal.

  • 5. Do not move after lifting. The mobile scissor lift platform cannot be lifted until the four legs are well supported.

  • 6. Try to use the mobile scissor lift platform in places where the wind is less than five. If the wind is too large, there may be safety hazards.

  • 7. Overloading is strictly prohibited during use, and the contents should be properly placed.

  • 8. During the lifting process of the scissor lift platform, personnel are strictly prohibited from climbing.

  • 9. If the mobile scissor lift platform is used outdoors, the user should wear a safety rope and a windproof rope.

  • 10. When repairing or failing, the power supply should be cut off in time. The scissor lift work platform should be lifted or fixed to be repaired.

  • 11. If there is oil leakage during the work of the scissor lift platform, stop the operation immediately to prevent secondary damage caused by lack of hydraulic oil.

  • 12. The hydraulic oil used should be kept clean and must not be mixed with water and other impurities. It is usually replaced every six months.

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