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High Quality Hydraulic Four Post Car Lift Between Floors

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High Quality Hydraulic Four Post Car Lift Between Floors

Andriyan is a client from Russia. He get a project to lift cars from ground to different floor of a high building. He is very intersted in our four post floor to floor car lift. The four post floor to floor car lift is used for transporting the cars from ground floor to the higher floors. The max. Lifting height can reach up to 13.5m. It is applicable to factories, workshops, etc., goods are vertically raised between floors, and can also be used for three-dimensional parking. It has the features and advantages as following:

1. High-precision hydraulic transmission, stable lifting, simple operation and low failure rate.
2. The high-strength chain is pulled, the bearing has no extension and has a long service life, and the safety factor is large.
3. Double chain lifting, lifting is safer and more reliable.
4. Adjustable screw to ensure the level of the platform and the cargo to rise and fall smoothly.
5. Large-capacity pumping station with fast lifting speed and low running noise
6. The design is novel and beautiful, and the structure is strong and durable
7. Make full use of limited space to create more value

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