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General Description of Installation For The Fixed Hydraulic Loading Bridge

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More and more hydraulic loading bridges enter the factory buildings of major industrial zones. What are the requirements for installing fixed hydraulic loading bridges? This is the user's concern. Here we give you a detailed Introduction.

loading dock ramp

Installation instructions for fixed hydraulic loading bridge:

1. Dig a pit first.

2. Dig the lead hole and leave the pre-embedded wire hole (enclosed with PVC or steel pipe) in the center of the end of the pit.

3. Anchor welding and angle steel inner surface, pit triangle need angle ladle edge.

4. The bottom of the pit is covered with crushed sand and the top is reinforced concrete.

5. Both sides of the pit must be firmly connected with the reinforcing steel mesh in civil engineering, pay attention to the spacing.

6. Cement pouring, reserved angle steel position, embedded anti-collision thick steel plate.

7. Secondary pouring, fixed angle steel, completion of pit construction.

8. Put the fixed hydraulic loading bridge into the pit, and connect the platform with the pit tightly by expanding bolts and welding.

The above is the construction instructions of the fixed hydraulic loading bridge. After the introduction of the above contents, I hope it will be helpful for the installation of the fixed hydraulic loading bridge.
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