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Angle horse float,Extened horse float trailer,Horse box trailer

Angle and staight horse float,Extened horse float trailer,Horse box trailer
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 Horse Trailer is mainly used to transport horse from one place to another. In fact, it belongs to one kind of trailer. It is towed by car ,truck or tractors. Horse trailers are widely used in each pasture. We have seven kinds of common horse trailers including 2 Horse Straight Load Float-Economic, 2 Horse Straight Load Float- Standard, 2 Horse Straight Load Float-Deluxe, 2 Horse Angle Straight Load Float-Standard, 2 Horse Angle Straight Load Float-Deluxe, 3 Horse Angle Load Float-Standard and 3 Horse Angle Load Float-Deluxe.
  As for Economic and Standard models, the configuration is fixed and can’t be changed. As for Deluxe models, in fact, they are customized. Many optional configurations are for your choice. The overall size and inner structure of the horse will be changed according to your configuration request. So if you choose to buy Deluxe model, please confirm with us your accurate configuration request. The our engineer will design and calculate the price for you.
  Common Option List:
Item Specifications
Sofa Prepostion:780*1930mm
Cupboard Top Wardrobe
Clothes Closet
Bottom Cupboard
Air Conditioner Overhead
Water System Basin+Water Pump+60L purified water tank
Slop Tank 100L
Fridge 50L
Microwave Oven
Shower Room Toilet+ Water Heater+ Purified Water Tank
Awning 3.5m

Overall Dimension Dimension of Body Inner Dimension of Body
2 Horse Straight Load-Economic mm 3745*2270*2590 2895*1750*2230 2870*1700*2155
2 Horse Straight Load-Standard mm 3925*2270*2590 3075*1750*2230 3050*1700*2155
2 Horse Straight Load-Deluxe mm 4325*2270*2590 3475*1750*2230 3450*1700*2155
2 Horse Angle Load- Standard mm 4110*2280*2590 3260*1980*2230 3235*1930*2155
2 Horse Angle Load- Deluxe mm  4970*2280*2590 4120*1980*2230 4095*1930*2155
3 Horse Angle Load-Deluxe mm 5425*2280*2590 4575*2280*2230 4550*1930*2155
3 Horse Angle Load-Deluxe mm 6325*2280*2590  5475*1980 *2230 5450*1930*2155

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